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"Good enough for jazz"

New Orleans jazz is played by heart and ear. You fake some good old tunes and improvise on the melodies and the chords they are built on. Most of the tunes are forgotten a long time ago, nobody ask for them, nobody should play them, and today they should have been almost useless if it hadn't been for a few persons and bands who love early jazz and try keeping this old music alive. To preserve these tunes is more of a cultural achievement. Often you have to transcribe them from old recordings, because there has not been any sheet music available for many decades, if ever. Below are some which of some reason have occurred. The transcriptions are mostly an interpretation of the song and don't claim to be quite right, simply just "good enough for jazz". The upper section with the chords is for C-instruments (banjo, guitar, piano, bass), the lower with the melody is for instruments tuned in Bb (trumpet, clarinet, soprano- and tenor sax, trombone). Have a look at the tune, memorize it, put in your soul, and play it hot!

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Latest added tunes: La roulotte, Dm, East of the sun, F, Hushabye, Gm, Black Orpheus (Manha de Carnaval), Dm, Baby won't you please come home, Bb, Love me or leave me, Eb, Home (When shadows fall), Eb, Old black Joe, F, Buddy Bolden stomp, Bb/Eb, You are my sunshine, F, King of the Zulus, Dm, Willie the weeper, Dm, Dos Gardenias, Cm, Mandy, make up your mind, F, You made me love you, Eb, A fool such as I, Bb, Melodie d'amour, F, Make me a pallet on your floor, F, You tell me your dream, Bb, Comes love, Gm, Original dixieland one-step, Bb/Eb/Ab (corr.), While we danced at the Mardi Gras, C, While we danced at the Mardi Gras, Bb, At a Georgia camp meeting, Bb, Gee baby, ain't I good to you, Eb, I want you, F, After you've gone, Bb, Give me your telephone number, Bb, Way down yonder in New Orleans, F, Swingy little thingy, Bb, A love song of long ago, F.
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played by Jazz Pirates. Latest session July 24, 2014.
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1919 rag, F 100407 Jazz Pirates 2010
2:19 blues (Mamie's blues), F 100426

Adieu foulard, C


Jazz Pirates 2011
Red Wing 1996
Adios muchachos, Bb 090824
A foggy day, F

A fool such as I, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2014
African queen, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2012
After the ball, F
Jazz Pirates 2012
After you've gone, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2014
A gypsy without a song, Gm
Jazz Pirates 2014
Ain't misbehavin', Eb

A kiss to build a dream on, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2013
Alabama song, Bb 081102 Jazz Pirates 2012
Alabamy bound, F


Alcoholic blues, F 101215 Jazz Pirates 2010
Algiers strut, F


Red Wing 2006
Algiers waltz, F


Alice blue gown, Bb


Jazz Pirates 2012
A little street where old folks meet, Eb 090113 Jazz Pirates 2012
Allah's holiday, Eb 090608
All alone, F 081018
All by myself, Bb


All I do is dream of you, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2012
Almost like being in love, Bb 101002
Along the road to Gundagai, F


Jazz Pirates 2009
A love song of long ago, F

Am I blue?, F


Amor, Bb 080901/081230
An evening prayer, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2013
Angelina, Eb 081016
Angry, Bb

Anita's birthday, F
Jazz Pirates 2011
Any time, F


Jazz Pirates 2009
A perfect day, Bb

(rev. 090108) 

Jazz Pirates 2008
Congo Square 2002
Apple blossom time, Bb 100501
A si pare, Gm/Bb/Eb
Jazz Pirates 2011
As long as I live, F

As-tu le cafard?, Bb,

At a Georgia camp meeting, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2014
At sundown, F 101225
At the cross, F


Jazz Pirates 2014
A thousand good nights, F
A thousand good nights, Ab


Jazz Pirates 2010
Red Wing 2008
Aura Lee, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2012
Red Wing 1995
Avalon, F
Jazz Pirates 2013

Baby won't you please come home, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2014
Bandana days, Bb

Ban moin en ti bo, F 090426 Jazz Pirates 2011
Beautiful dreamer, F


Jazz Pirates 2012
Beautiful Ohio, F

(lyrics and rev. 090108) 

Jazz Pirates 2014
Because of you, Eb 090702
Bechet's fantasy, Eb 090817 Jazz Pirates 2009
Begonia, F


Jazz Pirates 2009
Beguin-beguine, F 090602 Jazz Pirates 2009
Beg your pardon, F 090703 Jazz Pirates 2013
Bells of St. Mary's, Eb


Besame mucho, Dm
Jazz Pirates 2011
Best things in life are free, C


Between the devil and the deep blue sea, F
Jazz Pirates 2012
Big butter and egg man, F 090521 Georgia Ramblers 1968
Big chief battle axe, Gm/Bb
Jazz Pirates 2014
Big lip blues, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2012
Bimbo, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2013
Black and blue, Gm


Jazz Pirates 2014
Black and tan fantasy, Bbm

Black beauty, Bb 101208
Black but sweet, Fm 090906 Jazz Pirates 2011
Black Orpheus (Manha de Carnaval), Dm

Blame it on the blues, Eb
Jazz Pirates 2013
Blanche touquatoux, F 100424
Blessed assurance, Bb 101103
Blue again, C

Blue and broken hearted, Bb

Blue and sentimental, F

Blue bells goodbye, F


Jazz Pirates 2014
Blueberry Hill, Bb 100816 Jazz Pirates 2010
Blue blood blues, F


Jazz Pirates 2014
Jazz Pirates 2009 
Blue eyes crying in the rain, F


Jazz Pirates 2010
Blue Hawaii, Bb


Jazz Pirates 2012 
Blues in the air, Eb/Cm

Blues in thirds, F 091008
Blues my naughty sweetie gives to me, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2012
Red Wing 1996
Blue turning grey over you, Bb

Bogalusa strut, Bb (rev.)


Jazz Pirates 2010
Georgia Ramblers 1967
Bohunkus blues, Eb 091009 Jazz Pirates 2009
Borneo, F 090914 Jazz Roots trio 1999
Breeze, F 090801 Jazz Pirates 2012
Bring me sunshine, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2011
Broken windmill, The, Gm/Bb

Brown love, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2012
Brown skin gal, C
Jazz Pirates 2012
Buddy Bolden's blues, F 100312 Jazz Pirates 2014
Buddy Bolden stomp, Bb/Eb

Burgundy street blues, C


Button up your overcoat, F 090328 Jazz Pirates 2014
Jazz Pirates 2009
By(e) and by(e), Eb
140131 Jazz Pirates/Thomas W 2007
Bye bye blues, Bb

By the river of the roses, Bb


Jazz Pirates 2012

Cachita, F
Jazz Pirates 2013
Cake walking babies from home, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2009
Calcutta, F
Jazz Pirates 2012
Caldonia, F 081208
Candy lips, Bb 090524 Jazz Roots 1994
Caravan, Fm 100120
Careless love, F
Red Wine duo 1963
Carioca, F 091026 Jazz Pirates 2009
Carnaval ā la Martinique, F 100519 Jazz Pirates 2011
Carnaval is a bacchanal, Eb


Carry me back to old Virginny, F
Jazz Pirates 2013
Cecilia, Bb 101023 Jazz Pirates 2014
Ce filon, Bb 100406 Jazz Pirates 2012
Ce mossieu qui parle, Bb 100130 Jazz Pirates 2011
C'est magnifique, F


Jazz Pirates 2013
C'est si bon, Bb


Chalumeau blue, F/Bb
Jazz Pirates 2012
Charming Trinidad, F


Jazz Pirates 2009
China boy, F
Jazz Pirates 2014
Cielito lindo, Bb 090723
Ciribiribin, Eb


Jazz Pirates 2012 
Citation creole, Dm
Jazz Pirates 2012
C jam blues, C 2004
Cloe, Bb


Coffee grinder, Bb 090304 Jazz Pirates 2010
Collegiate, Eb


Jazz Pirates 2013
Red Wing 1996
Comes love, Gm
Jazz Pirates 2014
Come to the Mardi Gras, C


Cook good, Bb 101212
Coon blues, C

Coquette, Eb


Jazz Pirates 2012
Corrine Corrina, Bb

070408 (2004)

Jazz Pirates 2014
Jazz Pirates 2010 
Cradle song, F


New Orleans United 2001
Red Wing 1997
Crazy, Eb


Creole belles, F 100321 Jazz Pirates 2010
Creole bo bo, G
Jazz Pirates 2014
Creole jazz, F 091203/110908 Jazz Pirates 2011
Creole song, Eb


Jazz Pirates 2010
Crying in the chapel, C
Jazz Pirates 2011
Crying my heart out for you, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2013
Cryin' time, F


Cuban love song, Eb 101024
Cuban Pete, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2012
Curse of an aching heart, Bb


Jazz Pirates 2013
Cushion foot stomp, Eb 100608

Dancin' with the one you love, C


Jazz Pirates 2012
Danny boy, F


Dans les rues d'Antibes, F/Bb

Dardanella, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2012
Dark eyes, Gm 100719 Jazz Pirates 2010
Darkness on the delta, Eb


Red Wing 2006
Corona Jazzband 1998
Darling Nellie Gray, Eb 101029 Jazz Pirates 2010
Euphonia Sounds 1968
Dear old Southland, F


Deep purple, F


Jazz Pirates 2014
Delia's gone, F
Jazz Pirates 2012
Delicado, G 110115
Delta mood, F


Jazz Pirates 2009
Den första gång jag såg dig, F


Did I remember, Eb


Diga diga doo, Dm


Jazz Pirates 2011
Doctor Jazz, Eb
Jazz Pirates 2011
Does Jesus care? Bb


Red Wing 2008
Red Wing 1998
Do Lord, Bb


Jazz Pirates 2010
Don't fence me in, F

Don't give up the ship, F
Don't give up the ship, Bb


Jazz Pirates 2009
Don't leave me now, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2011
Don't sweetheart me, F


Don't worry 'bout me, Bb 100923
Don't you feel my leg, F 100911
Dos Gardenias, Cm

Down by the old mill stream, F


Jazz Pirates 2012
Down home rag, Bb


Down in honky-tonky town, Bb 100908 Jazz Pirates 2010
Down in jungle town, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2014
Do you know what it means to miss NO, Bb (alt. chords)
Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans, Bb


Do your duty, F

Dream, Bb 090720
Dream a little dream of me, F

Dreaming the hours away, F
Jazz Pirates 2011
Drop that sack, Bb

Drum boogie, Eb


Där näckrosen blommar, Bb


Red Wing 2008

East of the sun, F

Eccentric, Bb 101229
Egyptian fantasy, Gm/Bb

Eh, la bas!, F


Jazz Pirates 2011
El cumbanchero, Dm 110205 Jazz Pirates 2011
El doudou, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2012
Elephant stomp, Bb


Jazz Pirates 2009
End of the world, Eb


Enjoy yourself, Bb


Jazz Pirates 2011
Everywhere you go, Eb


Jazz Pirates 2012
Exactly like you, Bb 101105

Far away blues, Bb


Farewell blues, Bb 100530 Jazz Pirates 2010
Mystos Quintet 2003
Farewell to Storyville, F


Femme Martinique doux, Gm 081208 Jazz Pirates 2012
Fidgety feet, Bb/Eb/Ab (new clearer)
Fidgety feet, Bb/Eb/Ab


Flamingo, F

Float me down the river, Ab


Jazz Pirates 2011
For all we know, F


Forgive me, F 100806 Jazz Pirates 2010
For once in my life, Bb, advanced


For once in my life, Bb, NO-style


Four or five times, Eb 100213 Jazz Pirates 2011
Frankie and Johnny, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2011

Gatemouth, Eb


Gee baby, ain't I good to you, Eb
Jazz Pirates 2014
Gentle Annie, F


Jazz Pirates 2009
Red Wing 2006
Georgia cabin, Eb

Georgia on my mind, F


Get happy, F 100817 Jazz Pirates 2010
Get out of here, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2011
Red Wing 1997
Gettysburg march, Ab 100203
Girl of my dreams, Bb


Jazz Pirates 2010
Corona Jazzband 1998
Give it up, F


Jazz Pirates 2013
Red Wing 1996

Give me your telephone number, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2014
Glory of love, F


Jazz Pirates 2014
Go down, Moses, Dm
Jazz Pirates 2013
Goin' home (Colyer), C

Go tell it on the mountain, F
Jazz Pirates 2013
Graveyard blues, C


Jazz Pirates 2013
Red Wing 1997
Gravier street blues, C

Gypsy love song, Bb


Jazz Pirates 2014
Red Wing 1996
Gypsy without a song, Gm
Jazz Pirates 2014

Halle hallelujah, F
Jazz Pirates 2012
Harbor lights, Eb 080919
Hard times, Eb 090831 Jazz Pirates 2009
Hawaiian melody, C 101220 Jazz Pirates 2011
Heartaches, F 090314 Jazz Pirates 2009
Heart of my heart, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2011
Heebie jeebies, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2011
Here comes the hot tamale man, Eb


Jazz Pirates 2013
Here I stand with my heart in my hand, Eb

Hesitating blues, F
Jazz Roots trio 1999
He touched me, F


He will remember me, Bb 091122 Jazz Pirates 2009
Hiawatha, Bb/Eb


Jazz Pirates 2010
Georgia Ramblers 1968
Higher ground, F 100221 Jazz Pirates 2010
Highways are happy ways, Eb


Jazz Pirates 2012
Hindustan, Bb
Hindustan, C


Jazz Pirates 2014
Red Wing 2008 
His eye is on the sparrow, Ab


Red Wing 2006
His eye is on the sparrow, F (George Lewis)


Jazz Pirates 2012
Holding my Saviour's hand, Bb

Home (When shadows fall), Eb

How can you face me?, Bb 100805
How can you leave me now, F
Jazz Pirates 2012
How great Thou art, Bb


How strange, Fm
Jazz Pirates 2014
Hushabye, Gm

Hymn for George Lewis, Ab
Jazz Pirates 2010
Hymn to freedom, C (NO chords)
Hymn to freedom, C


Jazz Pirates 2009
Red Wing 2008

I ain't gonna give nobody none of my jelly roll, Bb 100725 Jazz Pirates 2012
I am a pilgrim, F 100306 Jazz Pirates 2013
I believe in miracles, Bb 091109 Jazz Pirates 2009
I can't begin to tell you, Bb (ā la Chris Blount)
I can't begin to tell you, Bb (lyrics)

Jazz Pirates 2013
I can't believe that you're in love with me, Bb

I can't escape from you, Bb


Corona Jazz Band 1998
Ice cream, C


Red Wine duo 1963
Ida, sweet as apple cider, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2014
If I can help somebody, Eb
Jazz Pirates 2013
If I had my life to live over, Bb


Jazz Pirates 2012
If I had my way, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2011
If I had you, Bb

I get the blues when it rains, F
Jazz Pirates 2013
I hate a man like you, Gm 100622 Jazz Pirates 2010
I know that you know, Eb

Iko iko, C


Jazz Pirates 2011
I let a song go out of my heart, Eb

I like bananas because they have no bones, F


Jazz Pirates 2013
I'll always be in love with you, Bb 100524
I'll be seeing you, Eb 090129
I'll fly away, F
I'll fly away, Eb


Jazz Pirates 2013
I'll see you in C-U-B-A, Bb 091011 Jazz Pirates 2013
I'll see you in my dreams, F


Jazz Pirates 2011
I'll take you home again, Kathleen, Eb


Jazz Pirates 2012
I lost my gal from Memphis, Dm 091228
I love you, F


Jazz Pirates 2012
Linder/Collin 1997
I love you so much it hurts, F

I min lilla lilla värld av blommor, F
(In my small small world of flowers, F)


Jazz Pirates 2009
Red Wing 2004
I'm alone because I love you, F
Jazz Pirates 2014
I'm coming Virginia, F 110109 Jazz Pirates 2011
I'm confessin' that I love you, Bb


I'm forever blowing bubbles, Bb
Jazz Pirates 2013
I'm getting sentimental over you, Eb
Swing Low 1992
I'm going home to see my Lord, C 101001 Red Wing 2008
I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter, Bb


I'm living good, F


Jazz Pirates 2012
I'm looking over a four leaf clover

I'm nobody's baby, Eb
I'm nobody's baby, F


Jazz Pirates 2013
I'm putting all my eggs in one basket, C


Jazz Pirates 2012
I'm sorry I made you cry, Bb


I'm with you where you are, Eb 110104 Jazz Pirates 2011
I must have that man, Bb
In a little Spanish town, Bb


Jazz Pirates 2011
In a Persian market, Bb

In a shanty in old shanty town, F


Jazz Pirates 2013 
Indian love call, Eb 100201 Red Wing 1998
Indian summer, F 091226
I never knew, F

In my heart there is a yearning, F


Jazz Pirates 2010
Into each life some rain must fall, Eb
Into each life some rain must fall, C


Jazz Pirates 2014
Red Wing 2008
In the garden, F


In the gloaming, F 090823
In the good old summertime, Bb


Jazz Pirates 2014
In the mood, F


In the shade of the old apple tree, F


Jazz Pirates 2011
In the summertime, F

In the sweet bye and bye, F


In the upper garden, F


Jazz Pirates 2010 
Irish black bottom, F 091022 Jazz Pirates 2012
I shall not be moved, Eb
Jazz Pirates 2012
I surrender, dear, C

Is it true what they say about Dixie? F


Jazz Pirates 2012
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing, Bb

It feels so good, Bb

I thank you, mister Moon, F


It is no secret, Bb 100213
It's all because of you, Bb


It's me, o Lord, Eb
Jazz Pirates 2011
It's nobody's fault but mine, Bb


It's only a paper moon, F
Jazz Pirates 2012
I used to love you, Ab 100621
I've found a new baby, F

I've got everything, Bb
I've got everything, C
Jazz Pirates 2012
I wanna be like you, Bb


I wanna be loved by you, F 090526
I want a little girl, F


I want to be happy, C 100902 Jazz Pirates 2010
I want you, F
Jazz Pirates 2014
I wish I knew how it would feel to be free, F


Jazz Pirates 2009 
I wish't I was in Peoria, Gm/Eb
Jazz Pirates 2014
I wonder where my easy rider's gone, F
Jazz Pirates 2013
I wonder who's kissing her now, F


Jazz Pirates 2009
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